How MyCPAP Australia increased organic traffic and online revenue by 280% in just 2 years using a sophisticated on & off-page SEO strategy



increase in transactions


increase in sessions


increase in e-commerce conversion rate


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increased website conversions


Poor organic rankings on key search terms in a competitive marketplace that’s impacted online revenue. 

To increase organic visibility and online revenue, Progressive Digital needed to optimise the website and develop off-page SEO tactics, including building highly relevant backlinks.

With the industry growing and competition increasing in both the organic and Google Ads space it had become more challenging for MyCPAP Australia to reach sleep disorder sufferers with their products and services on a consistent basis at a profitable ROAS.

Their previous SEO strategy with another media provider had been very basic and was not producing the organic results the business required. As a result, the strategy lacked impact and MyCPAP Australia’s organic visibility and online revenue was decreasing. Christian discussed this with the team at Progressive Digital and was in agreement that we needed to implement a more sophisticated SEO strategy that would generate high quality leads and increase online revenue.


Use a sophisticated on and off-page strategy focused on improving the visibility on key search terms that have high search volumes and provide a strong ROAS

The first step Christian and his team took was to use Progressive Digital Marketing to develop a sophisticated SEO strategy, which was finalised in just four weeks and went live in July 2020.

After an initial audit of the website we conduced the below to devise an effective strategy

  • Initial website audit
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website recommendations to increase conversions


To improve page rankings and optimise the return of the campaign we focused our efforts on increasing the ranking on keywords that had historically generated a strong ROAS through our Google Ads and Shopping campaigns as well as phrases for key products that the client currently had limited/ no visibility for.

This strategy consisted of first optimising the back end of the website to ensure that the site could be crawled successfully and indexed by Google. Then on a monthly basis we focused our efforts on both on and off page activities including;

  • Writing and posting highly relevant content on their on-site blog, off site blogs and industry directories
  • Writing and posting highly relevant social media content
  • Extensive link building to highly relevant websites with high domain authority
  • On site, technical optimisations
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Christian Rabascht

CEO & Owner, MyCPAP

” We have been running a sophisticated SEO strategy with the team at Progressive Digital Marketing for over 2 years now and the results have been transformative. We’ve seen huge growth in organic visibility and traffic. But more importantly we have seen a huge growth in monthly revenue of 280% which has enabled us to grow the business significantly.

We’ve also run Google Ads and tactical email campaigns with them for over the past 4 years and seen a consistently increase in sales and ROAS. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for growth, value and support”


MyCPAP Australia is a rapidly expanding sleep disorder specialist in Australia, owned and operated by sleep experts with the experience to deal with all issues. MyCPAP is dedicated to providing outstanding service which achieves good patient outcomes.

We believe that education and follow up is paramount to achieving good patient outcomes with use of your CPAP machine That’s why we only work with accredited outlets throughout the country. We also believe that the public has the right to good competitive pricing without the loss of service.

We don’t believe you should have to travel for long distances to be able to access this pricing. As a result, we have established an unrivalled network across the country.

The General Manager of MyCPAP – and the face of MyCPAP – is Christian Rabatsch. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in 1990 and has specialised in sleep disorders ever since. He has over 5 year’s clinical experience managing a number of sleep units in Sydney. For the past 10 years he has worked as a senior executive with the Philips Respironics and Fisher and Paykel Healthcare organisations. His passion for sleep disorders is unquestionable and his knowledge of sleep disorders and therapies is unmatched anywhere.

We understand what a devastating impact untreated sleep apnea can have on a persons life. This is why it is important for you to deal with someone you can trust.

With our collective wealth of experience and understanding you can trust MyCPAP, your CPAP specialists.

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